Fun wedding songs for dancing

April Fool’s Day is a holiday familiar since childhood. Who did not try to deceive classmates in distant childhood? And adult uncles and aunts are amenable to temptation and act out acquaintances and colleagues. But the wide celebration of the Day of Laughter somehow did not stick. I do not speak here about gabrovsky festivals and Odessa humor, this is a celebration on a different level. Although these holidays are now somehow subsided over other events. But this is a wonderful holiday! The proposed script will help you shake off the endless worries and just "to fool around a bit"as Carlson used to say. Such a party can be held at school at class time, at home in a friendly company, and even in the workplace at lunchtime. Give explosions of laughter, dazzling smiles, amazing mood!

This year the country will celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This year preceding the next, anniversary year, is worth special mention. Of course, the country will not forget this date, and special celebrations will be held in all cities and villages. But, you see, official events do not always reach the heart, but the heroes are worthy of memory, the memory of the heart. And there are a lot of heroes, because all the people who passed through the fiery milestones of war are HEROES. The proposed project “Lessons of courage” is addressed primarily to young people, schoolchildren. The proposed project “Lessons of courage” is addressed primarily to young people, schoolchildren. To trace the four military years from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945, to understand, feel the full horror of the war, the bitterness of defeat and the pride of Victory is the main goal of this project. Memories, impressions of participants in military events will be the basis for lessons. And we will begin the lessons of courage with the “Works on Victory Day”. In this music program, we tried to look at Victory Day through the eyes of modern young people, high school students. We hope that it will be interesting for both teachers and schoolchildren to work on this composition.

Graduation scenario in elementary school "All the way around or kids and ancestors" ideal for such an event, it does not require preliminary rehearsals or props care. The proposed game program consists of new fun and exciting contests that will help not only to have a good time, but to become closer and more understandable to each other. The program is suitable for both professional presenters and enthusiasts. The necessary music and printing design, as well as the script for a fun school play are attached.

There are many options for meeting newlyweds before a banquet, from the classic to the most unexpected and creative. What kind of arrangement usually depends on the desire and mood of the couple itself, but even if a preliminary decision is made on the traditional format, give everyone a familiar moment a little bit in a new way or with some kind of zest that sets a certain mood.

We offer one of the options – the Lyrical meeting of the newlyweds in front of the “Key to Happiness” banquet, which will help to create a good festive atmosphere and unite all the guests who have gathered.

A wedding is a wonderful celebration in which there is a place for tradition, fun and beautiful lyrical moments. And each wedding is unique, even those that are held in one scenario necessarily differ in mood, in dynamics, and much more. And this is not surprising. After all, at each wedding, their composition of guests, each pair of newlyweds – their preferences. Therefore, each organizer of weddings and a host must have a large collection of games, competitions and options for conducting traditional wedding rituals. To help offer the second part of our collection of fun and musical games for the “rite of breeding at the wedding” (many thanks to the authors, whose ideas were used). In the first one, the variants of holding this moment with the help of games were placed; in this, for the most part, there are variants with kissing couplets and comic dances.

You probably wondered why the day of universal jokes and practical jokes on April 1? When was the holiday born and where did it come from? So, until now, no one can definitely answer this question. There are many versions of its origin. Here are the most popular ones.

Fun wedding songs for dancing

The ancient Romans organized a festival in honor of God Laughter in April. They believed that the laughter caused by witty jokes and pranks would appease him.

The popular idea of ​​appropriating various nominations at festive, especially final, events is also very suitable for graduation parties. Moreover, it can easily be combined with the presentation of certificates and entertainment. We offer a very fun and at the same time solemn scenario – Graduation in 4th grade "Pupil of the Year Award Ceremony"in which there are greetings and scenes, and entertainment for young graduates and their parents.

Above the question of how to arrange a holiday for children when they leave kindergarten, the organizers, parents of graduates, and kindergarten staff think about it. After all, this is the first graduation celebration in the life of the children and I want it to be bright and original. And since such events traditionally have a lot of songs, dances and poems, then why not hold a themed music feast. We offer one of the options – the new graduation musical script in kindergarten “First-class dudes” with retro songs, bright costumes, dances and touching and warm words addressed to the kindergarten and its employees, as well as the celebrants themselves – young graduates.

Such a holiday as a wedding, in terms of emotions, beauty and fullness of the program with lyrical and entertaining moments, occupies a special place. And if they say about the new year, how to meet him and spend the next year, then the wedding party gives the newlyweds a charge for their entire life together and defines the relationship of new relatives, because only at the wedding, often they meet for the first time. That is why wedding moments are so important for rapprochement and acquaintance of guests and relatives, and since weddings and families are very different, there should be a lot of options for organizers in the bank. To help offer our selection – Lyrical, funny and musical games “The rite of breeding at a wedding.” For convenience, all options are divided into two parts: in the first, rites are held, which are held with games, props and comic gifts; in the second – with kisses and hugs, with music and dancing.

Since our comic diplomas – nominations for the spring holidays, found a response in the hearts of our users, we decided to continue the tradition we started, and came up with the idea to present amusing nominations for the next calendar occasion – graduation nine and eleventh graders. Of course, it is difficult to surprise modern schoolchildren with diplomas or diplomas, each of them in their portfolio collects them for 11 years of study an incredible amount: these are official documents for special merits, and certificates for participation in competitions and competitions, and just incentive certificates for activity, talents and positive personal qualities. In general, it is difficult to surprise with such! But you can try! For example, if you do it in the style of modern rhythms, with a fresh theme and original presentation. To help offer our new copyright material – Musical congratulations of graduates with comic nominations "Golden hits of the 21st century" (ready-made templates and music cuts are included)

School graduation is one of the most wonderful, important and memorable days in the life of each of us, so an entertainment program for it must be prepared very carefully, remembering that this is a holiday for young people, which means that music, dance and gaming entertainment should be interesting. First of all, it’s not for them to forget that this is also a holiday for adults present in the room: parents and teachers. To help the organizers we offer our new copyright material – Graduation holiday scenario for 9th and 11th grades "Graduation charts". The scenario is full of table and mobile games in the spirit of the entertainment industry and the events of the 21st century, and guests of different generations can take part in them. Ready video and music, presentations and pictures, as well as explanations of the author are attached.

On anniversaries and birthdays, guests most often gather, who came not so much to have fun themselves, as they are eager to please or surprise the hero of the occasion or the hero of the occasion. The peculiarity of these holidays is that besides fun entertainment, touching congratulatory moments are very popular. The program of the jubilee often includes entertainment and games that emphasize the significance of the hero of the day or, in a playful way, tell the story of his life. .

It is well known that the majority of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have a rather complicated attitude to age, which is why, on their birthday, and even more so on their anniversary, they especially need care, affection and love from relatives and friends. And, if they are celebrating a celebration, they are waiting for special words from the invited guests, special views, special surprises — they are waiting for a SPECIAL holiday! For everyone who is ready to donate it to them, and we will undertake the organization of such a holiday to offer our new copyright material – Woman’s Anniversary (Birthday) Scenario "Special day or Birthday girl with love!"in which there is a lot of music, lyrics, fun, and most importantly, attention to the hero of the occasion. The finished music and explanations for the conduct are attached. Thanks to the authors of music and lyrics, whose talent and ideas helped to write this script.

According to the observations of the organizers of the holidays, almost all the newlyweds want a beautiful, and most importantly, fun wedding. That is why, in the program of the wedding celebration, besides the lyrical rituals, it is necessary to include fun entertainment and congratulations. We offer a new version of the most popular of them – a funny musical tale “Barbara fries ..”. It can be arranged either by the hosts of the holiday, or by one of the friends as a surprise, and the costumers can costume the tale at the discretion of the organizers. Of the obligatory preparations symbolic props and musical accompaniment (included in the script).

Feast chants on the anniversary of the woman leading the holidays arrange not only to organize general greetings and once again say beautiful and kind words in honor of the birthday girl, but also to “warm up” the assembled guests. A common thing: chanting the congratulatory lines in a chorus – rallies the guests, and the perky rhythm and the text of the chanter “liven up” the feast. Relatives or friends may quite well compose the congratulatory chants themselves, and even if her rhyme is not perfect – the hero of the occasion will still be pleased, because there surely will be words about her life and about herself …

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