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The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has become even slimmer than she was.

Elena Karlina, Lida Buslaeva · March 1, 2019

Pippa Middleton became a mother in mid-October last year. With the birth of her son as a homebody, she did not: Pippa and her husband were constantly seen on walks and short trips. And now the young mother decided to return to high life.

Her first appearance after pregnancy was the appearance at the evening of the British Heart Foundation. And the star beauty looked dazzling on him.

In the form after the birth of the baby she came in record time. And judging by her radiant mind, she is now going to lead a rather active social life, which she likes very much. Unlike her sister, Kate, who is even going to have a fourth child, just not to participate in all these receptions and not to perform boring royal duties.

We recall how the other stars looked on their first exit after the decree.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, who gave birth to her third child last April, was published for the first time after the official maternity leave and once again conquered everyone in her own way. The 36-year-old Duchess arrived at the Sayers Croft Forest School, as well as the Wildlife Garden. To meet with young naturalists, Kate wore a very simple, but at the same time elegant image, which only emphasized how quickly the duchess was able to recover from the third birth.

The Duchess of Cambridge chose tight brown jeans, a warm wading sweater, a park and high leather boots.

It seems that Middleton has become even more slender than it was before the third birth, and this despite the fact that it was necessary to leave the official decree a little earlier than planned. However, the holiday was still the longest in Kate’s life: after the birth of Prince George in 2013, Middleton spent several weeks on maternity leave, and after the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015, four months.

The Duchess, by the way, does not hide at all how she manages to keep herself in shape: Kate has repeatedly told her that she runs a lot. Bearing in mind not only games with your children, but also sports. In addition, Middleton works out several times a week in the gym. With regard to nutrition, there are also no secrets: back in pregnancy, Charlotte Kate sat on the Dukan diet: with it, the weight not only goes away, but also the body quickly gets used to the new form.

Polina Gagarina

The singer is a real example of a newly born mom. Despite the fact that during pregnancy Polina recovered greatly, she immediately pulled herself together and for the first months dropped all 25 pounds she had gained.

“I started performing two weeks after giving birth, so I had to pull myself together,” the singer said.

Polina not only sat on a rigid diet, but also did various exercises. And even shared a video, helping its subscribers lose weight with her.

Kate middleton boots

Svetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda announced her second pregnancy in the spring, shortly before giving birth. The singer gave birth to a daughter in one of the clinics in Los Angeles on May 24, and on June 8, the star was already shining in Moscow at the MUZ TV Award ceremony with a chic neckline. Loboda was immediately dubbed the “witch”, but in the best sense of the word: the singer looked even more beautiful than before the birth, instantly dropping those extra pounds.

Irina Shayk

The Russian model, advertising underwear, after giving birth in March 2017 a little stout, but those extra pounds did not hesitate and literally a month later began to appear on the red carpet. True, the star did not take much time to get in shape: literally after a couple of months, the model began to post nude photos on Instagram, on which she showed her perfect body in beautiful lingerie.

Miranda Kerr

In early May of this year, the model gave birth to a son to billionaire Evan Spiegel. For several months, the star led a rather reclusive life, but the paparazzi caught the couple every now and then. True, by the autumn the star still began to appear and pose for photographers.

Kate middleton boots

Kirsten dunst

The same with Kirsten Dunst – the actress decided to go out only six months later. True, the star exhibited a photo in her Instagram, showing that she quickly managed to get back into shape (let’s say right away: most suspected photoshop). However, it makes no sense to argue: after giving birth, Kirsten was transformed and began to show the décolleté more often.

Eva Longoria

43-year-old desperate housewife in 2018 became the mother for the first time – on June 19, the actress gave birth to her son Santiago. On maternity leave, Eva did not linger and appeared at social events, and in September she walked along the runway as part of the Paris Fashion Week.

Longoria has become noticeably more magnificent, but it seems that the size of the plus-size model suits her, and the actress is in no hurry to return to her former form. But her style has changed a bit: Eva began to choose loose dresses.

Jessica Alba

At the beginning of the year, the sexual actress became a mother with many children, having given birth to a third child. In public, the star began to appear after four months: during this time, Alba failed to regain her previous form, so the actress chose spacious outfits that do not fit the belly and do not show legs.

Kate middleton boots

One of the most striking models of modernity gave birth to a son on April 21, literally without stopping from work – almost immediately after birth, the star continued to participate in photo shoots and go to social events. Koko’s figure and style didn’t change at all, but the model hasn’t yet revealed how she so quickly managed to get in shape.

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