Lunar dental calendar
The lunar calendar for the treatment of teeth was used in the days of
Is it possible to grow a tooth
Many people think – what method of treating a broken tooth to choose, remove
Restoration of tooth enamel
From dentists and ordinary people can often hear warnings about the fragility of tooth
Types of prosthetic teeth photo
People began to care more about the beauty of their smile. Every year more
Tooth of wisdom photo
Dental health is an integral part of human life. However, there are teeth that
Inflammation of a nerve in a tooth is one of the few dental diseases
Dental treatment Price
Loose baby teeth are more susceptible to various diseases. If you do not treat
Pulsating toothache
Chamomilla – teething pain in children When toothache is prescribed Pulsating Toothache – Belladonna.
Inflammation of a tooth cyst
What is a tooth cyst and how to treat it? A tooth cyst is
Tooth root inflamed
Dental root disease has recently been perceived by dentists as an indispensable guide to
Pulled a tooth ache
Tooth extraction is quite common in both children and adults. Modern medicine allows to
Diarrhea with teeth
Diarrhea during teething in children: causes The real joy for the parents of the
But shpa from toothache
Next you will find out: Does No-Shpa really help with a toothache or is
How to cook a catfish in the oven
Catfish is a fish that lives in the marine waters of the Northern Hemisphere.
Complications after dental implants photo
After implantation of teeth, complications can occur in the upper and lower jaw. It’s