Non-surgical breast augmentation

To increase the breast in addition to implants, you can use your own fat. This procedure is called lipofilling (lipomodelirovanie). During this procedure, the patient’s fat (from the thighs, abdomen, buttocks) is taken using the liposuction procedure and transferred to the area of ​​the mammary glands, where necessary.

Indications for surgery.Breast is an important parameter of feminine beauty and the personification of femininity. Not all of us have breasts of ideal shape and volume from nature, which is not the last influence of some diseases and developmental anomalies. A good example for the operation is hypoplasia, when the mammary glands are not sufficiently developed in relation to the patient’s morphology. Hypoplasia can be physiological, and can be observed during puberty or be the result of pregnancy or significant weight loss. Another indication for surgery is Poland Syndrome (genetic pathology, consisting in partial or complete absence of the pectoral muscles), tuberous breasts (congenital deformity, characterized by an excessive distance between the mammary glands, a large volume of the nipple-areolar complex, in severe cases, the mammary glands are completely suspended opposite sides with pronounced asymmetry of folds).

To eliminate such problems implants or prostheses of the mammary glands, which are installed behind the breast or behind the pectoralis major muscle, have been used for a long time. Today, breast lipofilling allows to improve or restore the volume of the mammary glands.

The essence of breast augmentation with fat (lipofilling or lipomodel).The technique of performing breast augmentation with fat is similar to the introduction of gels and fillers (in non-encapsulated form) in contour plastics. Only in this case, no allergic manifestations or rejection by the body of adipose tissue occurs. The procedure is absolutely safe. Everything looks natural, using natural “material”, and not implants, which for many is not the last value.

Breast augmentation with fatty tissue alone is not always possible. This applies to very thin girls, because there is no place to take fat. Therefore, this procedure is relevant for well-fed girls who already have breast size 1-2. Then increase it to one full size with the help of an effective redistribution of adipose tissue from the thighs and abdomen is quite real.

Lipofilling is used to correct defects formed after breast augmentation with implants (slight asymmetry of the breast, contouring of the implant – when, with insufficient fatty tissue in the mammary glands, the implant starts to stand out strongly under the skin).

The procedure does not require large incisions, microscopic punctures do not damage the vessels and nerve fibers, which makes it completely safe.

Non-surgical breast augmentation

Benefits of breast augmentation with fat.

  • The body does not invade foreign bodies.
  • Absolute compatibility of “donor” fat with the tissues in the transplant zone, which eliminates the risk of rejection (as when installing implants) or the development of allergic reactions.
  • Minimal discomfort for the body.
  • Allows you to simultaneously get rid of fat deposits in problem areas.
  • In the mammary glands, you can enter a different amount of adipose tissue, which is important with asymmetry of the breast.
  • The result after the procedure is noticeable immediately, both visually and by touch.
  • Lack of a long rehabilitation period on the background of low invasiveness.
  • The absence of scars and scars after surgery.
  • The ability to simultaneously adjust problem areas and increase the volume in the desired area.

Non-surgical breast augmentationDisadvantages of breast augmentation with fat.

  • Does not fit very thin girls.
  • After one and a half to two years, the transplanted tissue dissolves, as a result of which the breast loses its volume. To maintain the effect of the operation should be repeated.
  • With a significant loss in weight after surgery, the breast volume will also decrease, and, conversely, with an increase in body weight, the breast volume will increase. Thus, the patient is obliged to stabilize her weight.
  • To increase the volume of the mammary glands using your own fat in one procedure is only possible for one full size. Since the material is not encapsulated, large volumes will not allow it to be fixed in a certain zone.
  • We must remember that its own fat, despite its various treatments, still retains the ability to migrate, which is risky to form dense “tumors.”

Non-surgical breast augmentationNecessary conditions for the operation.

  • The patient must be young and healthy.
  • It should have fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or sides.
  • Must know about all the shortcomings and side effects of the operation.
  • Before and after the operation, it is forbidden to take anticoagulants, including aspirin, for several days.

Carrying out the procedure.Before surgery, you must undergo a medical examination for contraindications. The procedure itself lasts three hours and includes several steps:

  • General anesthesia.
  • Intake of adipose tissue through mini incisions from problem areas (buttocks, abdomen, thighs) using special cannulas.
  • The resulting substance is processed for several minutes in a special centrifuge, this is done in order to cleanse blood clots, anesthetic substances and

The recovery period after surgery and side effects.Due to liposuction and further fat transfer to the mammary glands, after about a day, redness, swelling, subcutaneous hemorrhages and hematomas appear. You should not be afraid of this, everything will pass on its own in about two weeks – a month without additional treatment. The severity of these unpleasant phenomena directly depends on the volume of the transplanted tissue and, accordingly, the area from which it was taken. After two or three months you can see the final result. You can repeat the lipofilling procedure in a few months. During surgery, there is a risk of infection.

Lipofilling and breast cancer.Today, no evidence has yet been revealed that the procedure for breast augmentation with fat and provokes the development of a breast cancer. A few days before the operation, the patient is undergoing examination, which includes an examination of the breast for the risk of developing cancer. After the operation, she is obliged once a year for a diagnostic examination of the mammary glands.

Prices for the procedure.Depending on the volume of surgical intervention, the price of the lipofilling procedure ranges from 100,000 rubles. To this amount, expenses for liposuction of 1-2 zones, anesthetic substance, compression underwear and hospital stay are added (not everywhere).

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