How to cook marshmallows

Often, thinking about the slim figure, we begin to deny ourselves the use of various sweets. But there are also their useful (in reasonable quantities) varieties – honey, marshmallow, marmalade, and of. oddly enough – also marshmallows.

The correct marshmallow must be prepared from applesauce, containing pectin, and a natural vegetable gelling agent – agar-agar. And, imagine, such an airy delicacy can be made very simply at home.

Total cooking time – 1 hour 40 minutes. Active cooking time – 0 hours 30 minutes. Cost – average cost. Calories per 100 grams – 210 kcal. Servings per serving – 60 servings.

how to cook marshmallows at home


Apple – 4 pcs. medium size Sugar – 250 g per apple sauce Egg protein – 1 pc. Vanilla sugar – 20 g Agar-agar – 8 g Water – 160 ml Sugar – 475 g in syrup Powdered sugar – 2


The process of making marshmallow is fast enough. You just need to prepare several of its main components – syrup and applesauce. For the syrup, first soak the agar-agar in room temperature water and set aside for a while.

Now applesauce. For its preparation, we take 4 apples of average size. Wash, dry a little and, cutting it in half, remove the seed box. Put on the plate slices down and put in a microwave oven for 5-10 minutes. The time depends on the sort of apples – one may be enough for 5 minutes, others will need more time – the main thing is to get a soft middle.

As soon as the apples are baked, carefully remove the flesh from the rind with a spoon and rub in a smooth mashed potatoes. This can be easily done with an immersion blender or simply grind through a strainer.

In the still warm apple sauce, add both types of sugar (plain and vanilla), mix and leave to cool completely.

About an hour later, when the mash is completely cool, proceed to cooking the syrup.

Set the pot with the soaked agar-agar to heat up. Stirring occasionally to dissolve the agar, bring it almost to the boil and then pour out the sugar. Mix well all until smooth bring to a boil. The fire is reduced to medium and cook the syrup for about 5 minutes. He begins to bubble violently and when his temperature reaches 110 degrees, remove from heat and set aside for a while to the side – let him cool down a bit.

How to cook marshmallows

Prepare a pastry bag with a star nozzle in advance. Next – we shift the apple puree into a bulk bowl (when beating, the mass will then increase quite strongly in volume). Protein break a little fork. Somewhere half of the whipped protein is added to the apple sauce and begin to beat about 3 minutes, the mass should lighten. Then add the remaining protein and continue to beat until fluffy thick mass.

Now it’s time to add hot syrup. We pour it in a thin stream, without ceasing beating.

Beat our mass until it becomes thick, well-kept form. This may take approximately 5 more minutes.

Since the agar-agar mass solidifies rather quickly, we continue to do everything as quickly as possible. We shift the marshmallow mass into the prepared bag with the nozzle and squeeze in the form of cookies onto baking paper.

We leave them to dry, it may take from 5 to 12 hours. During this time, the marshmallow is covered with a thin sugar crust. In order to carefully remove the marshmallow from the paper without damaging (and not sticking) simply sprinkle with powdered sugar. Then they can be glued together in pairs, it is quite easy – the bases are still quite sticky. Enjoy!

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