What does a crack look like

Your shower stall broke – we fix it her in two counts.

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We do not take money for "CALL" , but only for the specific work performed and the installed parts. If our master has done nothing, you owe us nothing.


Diagnostics of malfunctions (only in case of failure of the customer to repair) – 500 rubles. Departure beyond Ring Road – 30 rubles per kilometer but not less 500 rubles.

All additional work related to the repair or installation of a shower cabin is evaluated by the master on site and agreed with the customer. Prices do not include the cost of spare parts.

What kind of shower cabin repair you need will help you understand the brief description of typical faults presented below.

Repair of the shower mixer or else you can call it a temperature and water pressure regulator is required in the following cases.one. The mixer handle does not turn or does not turn completely. Most likely, the cartridge is worn out here. Replacement required.2 The knob of the mixer rotates, but the temperature of the water is not adjustable. Here, in addition to the possibly faulty cartridge inside the mixer, it is necessary to understand whether cold and hot water flows into the mixer. The fact is that the mixer is connected to the water supply system with flexible pipes that have a narrowed diameter at the joints and can easily become clogged. If the order is with pressure, then the cartridge definitely changes.3 From under the handle or the mixer itself begins to leak water. This means that either the cartridge is extremely worn out, or a crack has appeared in the housing of the mixer. In any case, such a malfunction must be resolved urgently, without waiting for the complete destruction of the mixer and, as a result, the flood. That is, either the cartridge is changing, or the entire mixer is changing, this is already as lucky. In all the cases described, the repair of shower cabins comes down to replacing the cartridge. Almost always this operation is possible to carry out from the inside of the shower cabin. This is how it happens …

So, if water began to flow from under the shower mixer, leaving behind water stains as shown in the photo, it’s time to change the cartridge. To do this, loosen the lock and remove the mixer handle.

Then the decorative cup is removed. Next, unscrew the nut-lock or glass with the cartridge. The old cartridge is changing to a new one and everything is going in the reverse order. I must say that when disassembling the glass often deforms or breaks completely, especially when the cabin has stood for five or more years, so if you do not have the appropriate training, tool or just confidence – do not risk – call a professional, otherwise the cost and repair time may increase significantly.

Repair of the shower water mode switch is required in the following cases: one. The switch knob does not turn or does not turn completely. As with the mixer, the cause is a worn cartridge inside the switch. Need to replace it. 2 The knob of the switch rotates, but the modes do not change. Here the faulty cartridge is again to blame. Need a replacement. 3 From under the handle or the switch itself begins to leak water. By analogy with the mixer, either the cartridge or the casing is damaged. Although this situation is not as dangerous as with a mixer, since leakage occurs only at the time of using the cabin and does not threaten with deluge in the absence of owners, the solution is the same – either the cartridge or the distributor changes completely. By the way, it is possible to change only the distributor, or only the mixer, when they are interconnected by a collapsible joint (for example, flexible liner). If the connection is not collapsible, it is necessary to change the entire water management body as a whole. Therefore, in such a situation, it is advisable to change the old mixer to a separate one. The advantages of this operation are obvious. Firstly, in the future, repair or maintenance is simplified, and secondly, it becomes almost twice as cheap. As you can see, in all three cases, the repair of shower cabins is reduced to the replacement of the water management body, and this means that the replacement of the distributor and the mixer will eliminate all problems. To solve this problem, you must perform the following steps.

First you need to move the cabin away from the wall and prepare the working space behind the rear or side, depending on the model, wall of the shower cabin. As can be seen in this particular case, the mixer is located to the left of the door in an easily accessible place, which is the exception rather than the rule.

From the outer side of the rear wall it becomes clear that the water management body is a single, non-separable hydraulic unit consisting of a mixer and a distributor. The distributor is three-mode, that is, it has three exits – to the upper or "tropical" shower, on a hand shower and on a system of nozzles of a hydromassage of a back. Also, the entire system of connections is clearly visible.

The next step removes the old hydraulic unit. To do this, from the outside of the shower stall, all connections and connections are disconnected from it.

Then, from the inside of the cabin, handles and decorative cups are removed from the mixer and distributor.

Further, the bore holes are cleaned of silicone, the mounting bolts or screws are unscrewed and the old hydraulic unit is removed.

Now you can proceed to the installation of a new hydraulic shower. First, the mixer and the distributor are installed, fixed and immediately sealed. Control knobs are immediately put on and the work inside the shower cabin is finished.

Then the mixer is connected with a flexible connection (although it is possible with a piece of pipe – this is already an amateur) with a distributor, and output hoses for watering cans and hydromassage are connected to it. And, finally, flexible connections with hot and cold water are connected to the mixer.

At this, the repair of the shower cabin is completed. The cab slides back in and is almost immediately operational. It is safe to say that after such a repair, the cabin receives a second birth, since the hydraulic system is installed new, and the pallet, walls and roof do not wear out over time.

Repair shower tray can be divided into two types: one. The first type is damaged (scratched) only the top acrylic coating and you want to restore it. This repair is called the restoration of the acrylic coating of the pallet and is very similar to the operation of the restoration of the baths. That is, they dissolved the liquid acryl, mixed it with the hardener, poured the pan on it and after a day we have a new shiny coating. 2 The second type – in the pan through hole (and no matter big or small), through which flows (or oozes – there is no difference) water. Here, the repair of a shower cabin requires a completely different approach, which is described in detail on the repair page of the shower cabin tray.

Replacing the door rollers in the shower is usually required when:one. The doors close hard. This is because gradually from moisture and normal wear, the rolling bearings in the rollers fail and the impellers of the rollers stop spinning.2 Doors fall out of the guide. This is a direct consequence of the malfunction of the first item. When the impellers stop spinning, they very quickly erase and start popping out of the upper and lower arcs of the door unit. The solution to the problem, both in the first and in the second case, is the replacement of rollers. When replacing, it is necessary to take into account not only the appearance of the rollers, but also the diameters of the mounting hole in the doors and the impeller. The process of replacing the rollers looks like this.

We remove the cab doors, carefully lay them on the floor and remove the remnants of the old rollers from them. Then install new videos.

What does a crack look like

After install the door in place and adjustable in height and tilt.

Repair (replacement) of the shower cabin drain system is necessary when:one. A siphon flows, that is, a puddle forms on the floor under the drain hole of the cabin. In most cases, the native siphon is probably the weakest point in the entire hydraulic system of the shower stall, because, for some reason, their (siphons) quality leaves much to be desired for many years now. Namely: – the water seal is very small, water dries quickly in it and the odor of sewage penetrates into the apartment; – the corrugation is stretched on a short issue without any fasteners, keeps on the word of honor and, as a result, frequent leaks of the joints occur, and

The elimination of leaks in the hydraulic system and the shower area of ​​the shower cabin is the largest class of shower cabin breakdowns. The cabin can sometimes run in the most unexpected places. Therefore, access to the cabin from all sides is necessary to eliminate leaks. Examples of leaks are as follows:one. The cabin wall and pallet joints flow during or after some time after using the cabin. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand where exactly the water penetrates, since all the joints are silicones, and under the silicone it is not painful to see much. This happens both after an illiterate installation – poorly made by silicone, and after years of operation – loosened and the silicone is gone. Therefore, in order to eliminate the leak with confidence, it is necessary to remove it wherever possible old silicone and put a new one. Success here depends solely on the experience of the master.2 Hoses are flowing behind the rear wall of the cabin. This problem is solved easier than the first, since the leakage can be seen immediately when the water in the cabin is turned on. The only prerequisite for such repairs is free access to the outer walls of the shower cabin.

Generally speaking, the lack of free access to the outer walls of shower enclosures is the main scourge of all repairmen. Often, the cabin is built into a niche, from the sides is not something that a person does not crawl through, but do not stick your hand. Plus, close to her tightly installed toilet, towel warmer, boiler, sink with cupboard, mirrors, cabinets and all household appliances. And it would seem that a simple repair of a shower cabin for the replacement of a mixer or a mode switch, or any other typical repair that requires a force of half an hour under normal conditions, turns into a whole construction operation. Namely: it is necessary to disconnect and remove the washing machine from the bathtub, tear off the toilet from the floor, and sink from the wall with the cabinet, de-energize and remove the illuminated mirrors and cabinets. At the same time, it is necessary to manage not to break anything and not to tear it off, because after repairing the shower stall, you need to install all this into place in working condition. Further, the most interesting. It is necessary to somehow pull out of the niche a fully assembled heavy cabin, without breaking it already and not tearing off the liner and drain corrugation. Honestly, this is not always possible. And here it is, for the sake of which all this was done – the ability to repair the shower cabin itself. So, all the above operations, which are not completed, it is impossible to make a standard repair of a shower cabin called additional work and their cost is individual for each specific case.

But there are situations in which to get behind the rear wall of the cabin is simply impossible. Here is one of them.

As seen in the photo, the shower cubicle occupies all the space at the back wall of the bathroom.

If you measure the distance between the walls of the bathroom and the side walls of the shower cabin, it turns out that there is 12 cm on the right and 15 cm on the left. So, if you move the cockpit close to one of the walls, you will get a maximum of 27 cm. The person is clearly not going through such a gap. If you look at the distance between the ceiling of the bathroom and the ceiling of the shower cabin, then there is more than 40 cm of free space and, theoretically, you can get behind the cabin through the roof, but this is for climbers, because there is no guarantee that the roof and the walls will not break.

What does a crack look like

Omitting reflections on how this cab was managed to be assembled and connected, the question remains – what to do now? Alas! We’ll have to partially disassemble the cabin, which would get the central panel and make repairs. In this case, it is necessary to clearly understand what and how to do, otherwise the cabin will be broken and thrown out.

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