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The unique, beloved fruit of all – pineapple – is in fact the fruit of a large-tufted herbaceous plant, which is home to Brazil. In the middle zone, pineapples are grown in greenhouses, but the main suppliers are still the countries of South America, the Philippines and Thailand. Pineapple is an oval large fruit, consisting of a variety of ovaries, forming a pineal stem of brown-green color with yellow splashes. Above are dense dark green leaves that have the ability to accumulate moisture. Pineapple has a pronounced aroma, sweet and sour taste, the yellow flesh is juicy, firm and quite dense.

Calorie pineapple

Calorie pineapple is 49 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The composition and beneficial properties of pineapple

Pineapple pulp contains a lot of coarse dietary fiber, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the digestive tract, normalizing peristalsis and restoring intestinal motility. Substance bromelin, which is found in ripe pineapples, is a natural protein denaturation that promotes the breakdown of animal proteins. Therefore, the council to eat a few slices of pineapple after a rich meat feast should not be neglected.

The fruit contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, more precisely – 100 g of pineapple cover 80% of the daily norm of ascorbic acid. The well-known fact that iron is better absorbed in conjunction with vitamin C, therefore, if meat is for some reason excluded from the menu, then iron from plant foods can only be obtained by this method. Pineapple is useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system and to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Manganese is present in pineapple, which, together with calcium, is necessary for strengthening and restoring bone tissue after injury.

Pineapple harm

Pineapple can provoke allergic reactions, if the fruit is in unlimited quantities, then irritation and burning on the lips will appear on everyone (calorizator). It is not recommended to use fresh pineapple for people with gastric ulcer, gastritis and high acidity.

Pineapple selection and storage

When choosing a pineapple, be sure to take the fruit in hand, push it – the fruit must be elastic, not pressed, do not have dark spots. Ripe pineapple should be heavy (sometimes the weight of the fruit reaches 3 kilograms), painted in brown-yellow, green-brown, yellow-green, have a rich smell. Pineapple leaves should be fresh looking, not faded and dry, if one or two with a little effort pulled out – the fruit is ripe, it can be purchased.

Pineapple can be stored at room temperature, in a ventilated and room free from direct sunlight, for 7-10 days. Also, pineapple is well preserved in the refrigerator, in the compartment for vegetables and fruits, for two or more weeks.

Pineapple slimming

Due to the low calorie content and the ability to break down proteins, pineapple is included in the cohort of leaders of products for weight loss. Pineapple diet for weight loss or pineapple mono diet weekly fasting day on pineapples – there is a choice. The ideal option is to eat a few slices of pineapple after a heavy meal, if there are no medical contraindications.

How to grow pineapple at home

If you have the remains of a pineapple from the festive table, you can try to grow pineapple at home. To do this, carefully cut or cut the top, put it in the water. After some time, the roots sprout, so you can transplant into the ground.

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To transplant, you must select a small pot, the size of a little more than the plant itself, which will be transplanted. In the ground, make a recess for planting the plant and in the recess you need to add some charcoal so that there is no rotting of the plant. Before rooting, it is advisable to cover the plant in a can or wrap with polyethylene.

The optimal conditions for the plant is a temperature of 23-28 ° C, a sunny place without direct rays. You can not put the plant on a cold window sill, because of this it can overcool and die. Pineapple loves moderate watering, with the addition of citric acid.

Rooting of the plant occurs within 2-2.5 months, new leaves that will appear on the plant will indicate to us about this.

It is necessary to transplant the plant annually, but the size of the pot should not be much larger than the previous one so that the pineapple roots do not grow. With proper care, pineapple may bloom by 3-4 years.

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Pineapple in cooking

Pineapple is good fresh, the fruit can be simply cut into segments or originally served, choosing different types of slices, putting cold snacks in halves or quarters of pineapple. Ripe pineapple goes well with poultry, legumes and seafood, chicken baked with pineapples is a classic recipe for a healthy festive dish. Juice, compotes, jams and jelly are made from pineapple, ice cream and various desserts are decorated with pineapple slices, the fruit is baked on the grill or in the oven as a side dish.

You can learn more about pineapple from the Live Healthy Tv video.

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