Hair in heel

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Heir to passion

Tsіkava plot lіnіya, іntriga zberіgaєtsya to kіntsya. Roman poєdnav in sobі detiktivnu, love and mystic themes. >>>>>

Kim Lawrence

Lono Carides

Karl Stone controlled his financial empire totally, down to the branches that were not directly part of it.

But today, on the day of his only daughter’s wedding, the meteorological center predicted snowfall all over the country, which was confirmed by ominous clouds.

Hardly because of the tight cordon, guests began to appear around the cathedral, as the first large flakes began to fall.

Hair in heel

However, no snow would not prevent the demonstration of elegant hats from designers, fur coats and jewels of those who wished to attend the wedding, declared the triumph of the year.

A little to the side, his hand in his trouser pocket and his wide back leaning against the trunk of an old yew, stood a tall, thin young man with a dark, surprisingly handsome face. He clearly did not notice the gusts of cold wind, nor the snow, which had already powdered his expensive suit, and dark hair.

The expression of deadly boredom disappeared from his face only occasionally when he greeted friends passing by.

One impressionable young lady gasped and publicly announced that she would sell her soul just to earn his smile. Her sister pointedly objected that she would like to deserve something more.

– Jocasta. India. Behave yourself, girls.

But even the mother-driven daughters themselves, before proceeding to the luxurious Gothic building, looked with a thoughtful look at a tall, mysterious figure with the features of a fallen angel and an aura of sex appeal.

Even those who did not know this person would immediately rank him among the guests of the groom. A typical Greek, they would say, having seen shiny black hair, a warm olive skin tone and a profile inherited from the ancient Greek statues. Although a close acquaintance about him could say that he is not typical at all.

However, among such socially significant guests the identity of this person was known to all. Anyone who asked would call not only the size of his boot, but perhaps he would have ventured to guess the amount in his bank account.

Kristosa Carides, the head of the empire of Carides, was immediately recognized by all the guests. He was richer than the host himself, not to mention that much more attractive!

Christos had only just been enjoying the warmth of the Australian sun for a whole month and was now keenly reacting to the cold, tearing him to the bone as much as his cousin-groom.

At the thought of a cousin, contempt distorted Carides’ beautiful line of sensual lips.

At this moment a short, puffy, fair-haired young man appeared from the side of the cathedral. He sighed with relief when he saw the one he was looking for, and at a breakneck pace, almost hitting the dashing guests, he rushed to Christos.

“I am Peter,” he breathed, stopping right in front of the imposing figure of the Greek financier.

– Yes, I remember, you are Karl’s godson, yes?

Hair in heel

– Oh, how good that I saw you!

– Always glad to make someone happy. How can I help?

Hair in heel

– You must come with me!

Christos shrugged.

The cold glow in the deep-set eyes did not bode well, and the young man’s hopeful smile slowly faded.

– You are welcome. Mr. Carides. Just do not know what to do. Alex is in such a state that if Uncle Carl sees him, then you will not get into trouble. The groom, and plucked up like a sinking battleship. He is not in himself.

Christos would be more surprised if Alex stayed sober. Under any stress (and, apparently, marrying one of the richest heirs to Britain was such) his cousin always tried to cheer himself up with alcohol.

– I think, having better known Alex, you will find that he is in himself.

With all the charm, which cousin Christos had in abundance, he was weak in character and prone to rancor and intrigue.

– You probably did not understand. He barely stands and. – Peter looked over his shoulder, – and cries !.

Everything is clear, the young Englishman is bewildered by male tears in such a situation.

– And this should concern me, because. – deliberately stretching the words, asked Christos.

The young man was shocked.

Under other circumstances, Peter would not have dared to express his opinion to such a person as Christos Carides, but now, due to the need to settle troubles himself, he has lost his caution.

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